I love Korean BBQ

I love Korean BBQ

If you know me even a little bit, you would know that I love all things BBQ. Korean BBQ is no exception.

Going to a restaurant and then paying them to cook your own food might sound a little funny, but it's a great experience. This is not a solo event and is seldom just for two people. This is a family affair that requires a group of people. It is essentially the Korean version of a backyard grill out. Well, Koreans don’t have backyards. They do not really invite people over to their homes for really anything. So the go-to dinner party is typically some BBQ. Korean BBQ places can be found almost literally on every street corner. They all have essentially the same concept but are unique in their own little ways.

The side items, the endless and bottomless side items. Kimchi, lettuce, bean sprouts, soup, egg, and sometimes macaroni. The various side items that Korean BBQ places serve are different at each location, and the only thing guaranteed is a minimum of at least five different things.

Samgyeopsal is the classic Korean BBQ which is essentially really thick Bacon, but I am partial to Beef BBQ.

So get out of the house and try Korean BBQ; you will not be disappointed.

What is your favorite part about Korean BBQ?



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