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Welcome to my ToolKit. I want to begin by saying that this is not a complete list of everything thing that I use in my business, but it's pretty close. Few of these I could also do completely without but for convenience and to make things more streamlined I use them. They each have their own special features behind them and I have a key reason I use each one.

My goal is to have a review video and article on all of these, but until then I hope you enjoy the list.

Main Tools

Groove Funnels

If I had to pick just one tool for me to use, it would be this one. From having a built-in autoresponder, to building landing pages and websites, this tool is truly all in one. Whenever I am promoting a new product, this is the first tool in my arsenal that I head to first. 

Send Fox

My go-to autoresponder used to be Get Response, and while that is/was an awesome email marketing tool, I have since switched over to Send Fox. I have moved over to send fox for practically the same reason I am now using blogger. Send Fox had a one-time cost that I took advantage of and now I no long have to pay a month subscription. 

Get Response

Link & Click Tracking

Rocket Link

This is one of the best link tracking software’s out their. Yes lots of free ways to accomplish what Rocket link does but honestly, (as the saying goes), you get what you pay for. This tracking software has lots of tricks up its sleeve as well, from adding call to actions to the destination URL and even tracking/re-targeting pixels to all my links.

Domain Names


Very IMPORTANT to use a Domain Registrar. Not only is it a bit cheaper, but it’s also a lot more safe. Only way to have 100% control of your domain names. Name Cheap is my #1 choice. If you got your domain names with your hosting provider or website creator, they essentially own you. I will say that while I am a huge supporter of keeping your hosting and domain name register separate NameCheap will do you a solid with some of the cheapest and hosting for wordpress if your on a super tight budget. Check out My Video on That Here.

Affiliate Networks


This is absolutely the easiest Affiliate Network to Join with the Largest selection of products. I really don’t think I need to go too much in-depth about Amazon because if you are on this site it means you know how to use the internet and have more than likely ordered something from Amazon before.

Social Media Tools


Out Sourcing



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