Posting from my phone; this stuff is crazy

Yea that's right I posted a post via text message, now aren't I just snazzy.

So It's basically mothers day so Happy Mother's day MoM. I love you.

 Anyways, today I drive back to Searcy for a maymester for all you non Harding people, and for the Harding people its called intercession, and for the many Harding people that just enjoy acronyms so very much next semester I will be attending HUS (Harding University Searcy). Well for intercession I have decided to be a vagabond and not stay in the dorms or pay for a very overly priced and very unsatisfactory meal plan. Instead, I will be staying at various people's places. First, up will be the Tucker household. I would like to thank them very much, they have always been very gracious hosts every time I have been over to their place.

Oh yes, I have a very interesting story from finals week that happened to me while at McDonalds.

So I get a call from Meagan waking me up from my nap at like 8pm saying that she and Kit need coffee and all the places on campus are closed. So I am like where do you want it from and she said that they don't care but just that they need some coffee, but they really wanted a mocha. So I make an executive decision that I will just go to McDonalds and visit the very fancy McCafe (how do you put the accent over the e I really should know this). So I drive up to the Donald and the world's longest line ever is wrapped around the building, I check the time to make sure I am correct cause this is def a morning rush length line, and it's 8:30 which is not a meal time by any means. So I am like, whatever, I want a Redbox anyways. I park and get my Redbox real quick and when I walk inside the line is just as long there too. So I look at the counter and there is a worker standing in front of the only register that has a cashier behind it, so everyone in the place is just standing there assuming that something is wrong, and then about a good 5 minutes later the cashier is like "can I help someone" and the worker that was standing in front goes "my bad" and scoots over and has just been like eating fries talking to her friend. Then when people start to order, this girl from the back starts shouting

" Whatever..... I don't care anymore if yall don't think I am a good manager whatever..... I need some air and smoke I put in my two weeks whatever......."

She then walks outside when another girl from the back walks up and just stands in the front and goes

"I don't care if she stays; she can go to another McDonalds if she wants to."

She was saying that about the manager; I was thinking that this is crazy

So I finally make it to the cashier to order and I go

"I just want two medium mochas"

She goes

"What is that?"

I point up at the menu that they have off to the side kinda hidden, almost like they don't want people to know that they have a McCafe, and she just kind of looks at me

"I don't know how to make that.... I mean I could try but you would be here all night, I just don't know how to make that and neither does anyone here, I mean I am just being honest"

So I am just kind of just staring there dumbfounded by the fact that no one in the entire restaurant knows how to make an item that is defiantly on the menu, so I am about to just be like can I just have regular coffee, then when the worker that was tricking everyone earlier into thinking that there was a problem says something like I think he means this but I don't really know what she said.

"Oh, I know how to make that"

and just gives me a price, and I am just kind of in amazement about what all is going on around me here at this place and give her the money and wait for some form of coffee that I just paid for. Well, in this McDonalds there is a mini wall next to the counter and I was leaning against that waiting on the coffee and I received it by a tap on the head and the coffee being dangled above my head. So why should I have expected to get them at the counter as usual I mean, I just watched the manager quit, and the cashier didn't even know what I was talking about when I ordered.

what a life

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