Round Two

Round Two

So round two is coming upon us. I survived round one of tests and I plan on staying standing by the end of round two. Obviously, once again I am spending too much time on the internet. If I spent as much time studying as I do just messing around on the Internet I would probably be making straight 100's in all of my classes, but alas I do not. I bought a voice recorder yesterday. I hope that I will start to record all my teacher's lectures. I will listen to them at night before I go to sleep and when I have a test the next day I will listen to all the important lectures for that particular test. (Spencer from the future here, I for sure did not do this, that recorder was a massive waste of time and money.)

We will see how long that lasts though, I mean I did do it today. Well that's what that Expense was dad, I am sorry.

Since HUF has ended I really want to return to Italy, but I am sure that all exHuffers wish to do that as well. So for this, I will get Rosetta Stone, Learn Italian and return to Italy someday and meet a fine Italian Woman, bring her back to the states and show her all that is obese and beautiful. Maybe I will try to do Avanti Italia. If you don't know what that is, you should check it out and go to the website link that I have just provided.

Well First Lacrosse Game of the season is on Sunday. It was supposed to be on Saturday, but that game is getting rescheduled due to excessive snow in Ohio. Learn our Schedule and come and support us to the Games that you can.

Harding Lacrosse

What a Life

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