That Time Of Year

That Time Of Year

So it's been a few weeks since the semester started, and we are entering the first round of tests, I have three this week alone. Also thanks to the snow I didn’t get test reviews like I wanted, and now I am even more distracted from studying cause I mean who is going to study with snow on the ground. I think I will be ok cause I have never failed a multiple-choice test, and hopefully this won't be the first time.

Oh yes, it snowed on Thursday night and for half the day on Friday. So classes got canceled on Friday. That means I slept in for a total of four out of five weekdays and went to Chapel once. Life is much different here in Searcy than it was in Scandicci. I find myself just wanting to travel and missing Europe. I mostly want to travel and explore. It doesn’t have to be like far off, I would love to travel and explore Arkansas, I mean, I see these commercials for like vacationing in Arkansas with all these mountains and amazing landscapes and I am like where is that at. I have been living in Arkansas for like 3+ years now, and I haven’t like ever left the greater Searcy metroplex with the scattered trip to North Little Rock, and Heber. I think I have only been to Memphis twice. I know what you are thinking, Spencer maybe if you didn’t sleep in. I know, I know, but I don’t have any money these days. So if you would like to donate, I would gladly get up earlier and go explore.

I am much lazier here than I was in Europe and it shows. Even with Lacrosse practice every weekday I was in much better shape In Europe, than I am now. I think a huge factor is the simple fact that I ate like a trillion times more healthier than, and drank a lot more water.

What a life

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