Spring 2010

Spring 2010

So since the semester is over, I was thinking I would give a recap.

First off, congratulations to myself, I am now the new Vice Prez of the Lax team here at Harding. I actually got the only officer position that someone didn't volunteer for, that's right I was actually nominated.

I passed all of my classes with the usual grades. My favorite class of the semester would have to be business communications, which is also the only class that I got an A in . (pats self on the back),(takes pat back because it was the only A, a deserved pat requires more than one A)

I also got my internship out in California again. Let's hope that I don't go into debt like everything else in the state or fall off into the ocean.

Some negatives I think from the semester would be some of the friendships that weren't rekindled from me being away for a semester, it's always sad when someone you use to hang out with all the time you don't hang with anymore. I did, however, make a few new friends, so that's always good.

Another negative was that I was planning on sending out a goodbye for the summer newsletter but when I went to Walgreens to get the cards all printed off, their photo printer broke. So that just discouraged me all together. I did, however, do a photo shoot of things for the card that I believed encompassed summer. So here they are. Notice the Stache. 

(Once the photos are relocated, they will be uploaded)

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