Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo – Japan

One country that I have visited several times and plan on making several more visits to is Japan. I have always enjoyed my time in Japan; spending time in Tokyo is no different. 

The first thing I noticed about Tokyo is how confusing it is to get around. Seriously the trains/subway is very very confusing. This city is huge and this is only made worse by how confusing it can be to get around. There is a reason it's the most populated city in the world, which can be a major explanation for why it is so confusing to navigate. The public transportation system has to carry around roughly 38 million people daily. Just like in Seoul, the majority of people do not drive. Everyone rides public transportation, from the poor to the wealthy.

I highly recommend getting this app to help you navigate around the subway. I won’t really recommend taking a taxi in Tokyo as they can be very expensive and sometimes take much longer than taking the train/subway.

Tokyo Metro Subway Map and Route Planner

Vending Machines are literally everywhere in Japan. This particular vending Machine just happens to be for Beer.

Quick Facts
Population: Tokyo proper 13.51 million including greater Tokyo it comes to 38 Million
Currency: Japenses Yen
Language: Japenese

Ramen is completely different in Japan. This is not the instant stuff and it tastes 1000% better. 

If you plan on making any Japanese friends, I think you should download the app Line and add the line feature that auto-translates from Japanese to English and vice versa as you are messaging. No, it is not perfect, but it will be better than not knowing at all what they are saying to you. No one in Japan really texts with a phone number, the majority of people use the messaging app Line.

I guess 7-11 is also a Bank in Japan. However, I never saw a physical bank just this ATM. 

Regarding safety, Japan, in general, is very safe. I never really worried about anything being stolen during any of my trips to Japan, and Tokyo is no exception.

Tokyo Tower

My recommendations for things to do in Tokyo

  • Stay in a capsule hotel – This is something I highly recommend. It's a very interesting experience since most capsules will have a tv, outlet, and a little fan. Another big reason to stay in these is that accommodations in Tokyo are not cheap. Even a hostel or a guest house will be relatively expensive. The capsule hotel I stayed in during my trip was like a mini spa, so it was a pretty nice little add-on.
  • Tokyo Sky Tree – This thing is huge. I mean it can virtually be seen from anywhere in Tokyo. They have a glass floor at the top of the Sky Tree that you can look down from.
  • Hop on Hop off bus tour – I recommend doing it almost everywhere. Tokyo is no different, and with a city so huge, I highly recommend it.
  • Robot Restaurant – Do not be fooled by the name, as people don’t really come here to eat. People come here for the show, and a very entertaining show it is. Located in the middle of the Shinjuku Neighborhood of Tokyo, one could describe the show as sort of like Mardi Gras meets Robots and Space.
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Walk through Akihabara Neighborhood – This area is full of Electronics shops and Anima and Manga mega fans. Makes for some very interesting people-watching.
  • Experience the Nightlife – Tokyo's two main nightlife districts are Shibuya and Roppongi. These are really the only areas you need to look out for pickpockets in, but even still, it is pretty safe.

One of my only regrets was not allowing myself enough time to enjoy and see everything I wanted. This city is the most populated city in the world, with many things to see and do.

Overall I greatly enjoyed my time in Tokyo and plan on making another trip soon. Currently, it's close enough for me to make a weekend trip, which I am planning on doing as soon as the weather won’t be so hot.

Do you have anything you love to do in Tokyo that I left off? Anything more that you wanted to know about?


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