Walk Down Memory Lane


Walk Down Memory Lane

Restoring all these old blog posts has been a fun experience for me. It has been a major walk down memory lane. It has also reminded me of why I am doing this. Essentially its to make sure I have something to look back on and can share, and when I am old, people will know that those crazy stories I told them were, in fact, true. 

Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine isn't a foolproof way of restoring old posts of things on the internet.

I decided to start restoring all the old blog posts I wrote back in college (correcting the grammar and spelling mistakes, as best I could, of course), and sadly they didn't all get saved in the Wayback Machine Archive. I can see the blog post titles but they are no longer with us. 

Check out some of the titles for yourself. 

Old Blog Post Titles

Old Blog Post Titles

Old Blog Post Titles

You can, however, check out the posts that I was able to restore. 

If anyone knows a way to help me try and restore all those posts that are now lost I would love for you to reach out or comment down below. 

My writing style hasn't changed much, and my grammar and spelling haven't improved much either; however, thanks to Grammarly, the finished product has greatly improved. 

Summer 2009 was the last year I Interned at Brocade Communication out in San Jose, California, and before that, I went on a Mission trip to Belize. Then for the Fall Semester, I did a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, so those posts are probably pretty good. I'm sad that I didn't leave the blog alone so I could still have them. 

Something else you might notice, It says I am supposed to have 56 posts for 2009 and that is not 56 titles. 

Well, 2023 should be an interesting one and another year full of memories. Thanks for traveling through life with me. 



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