Do Solo Ads Still Work in 2019?

Solo Ads

The Short answer to this question is a 100% yes.

I have bought thousands of Solo Ads and have even sold Solo Ads before in the past.

Out of all the different paid traffic options available, Solo Ads are probably the easiest way to get traffic to your offer.

You just send them your link, how much traffic you want, and pay.

No setting up a pixel or code. No complicated bidding strategy. Just agree on a price per visitor and you get that many visitors.

It's super straight forward and simple.

What are Solo Ads?

Before I go too deeply into Solo Ads, I feel for the newbies around here, lets give a brief definition of what exactly solo ads are.

Simply put there are people who already have very massive email lists. These lists could be in any niche, but I am going to focus on affiliate marketing / make money online niche (This also happens to be the best niche for solo ads).

You can pay these people to put a link or links in an email they send to their own list.

Unlike other forms of online marketing, you can decide how many visitors (clicks) you want to your website ahead of time. If You want 100 visitors, you pay the solo vendor their price per visitor, and you will get 100 visitors. If You want 1k visitors, then you will get 1k visitors.

When it comes to Facebook or Google ads, you don’t get to choose how many people visit your site upfront. You just set up your ad and hope for the best.

With this in mind, you need to make sure you have whatever site you are sending the traffic to set up correctly and set up in a way that is geared towards solo traffic.

The best way to optimize your solo ad traffic is to set up your email op-tin form. These are typically people who are already set up to put in their email addresses to get them doing the action they are already used to doing.

Most solo ad vendors do not want you to write the email ad copy for them. Honestly, this usually doesn’t work out the best anyways. To maximize the clicks to your site it is usually better to let the solo ad provider write their own email.

Most Solo Ads cost anywhere between 30 cents per click up to 1 dollar per click. It really is a giant price range difference.

Personally, my favorite place to get Solo Ads from is Udimi.

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