AutoResponder? GetResponse? Email Marketing?

Did you know that it is possible to make a full-time income online by having a simple one-page website like this one…

or this one

or even this one

These aren’t complicated pages to make; I have made several of them with all kinds of different software. 

This post's focus is on what all these pages have in common.

They are all asking for an email address.

In fact, I feel that many of the people reading this post were brought here because they gave me their email addresses.

Some of you recognize these pages because these are the very pages that got you to give me your email address in the first place.

Now I know what you might be thinking..

How the heck could one-page websites like those earn me a full-time income.

Well, as the old saying goes, the money is in the list.

These pages allow me to build up an email list.

Do I need all three of these pages?

I could get by just fine with just one, but I like to mix it up a bit.

Email Marketing

Let's get straight to the point here; what I am talking about is Email Marketing.

These pages get people signed up for my email list.

The people on my list are then sent emails from my email autoresponder..

What the heck is an email autoresponder?

This is probably how I should have started this post out, but I like everyone else on the internet, need to hook you in.

Otherwise, the short attention spans that the internet helped to create would cause you to leave.

So an email autoresponder is just a sequence of email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency you decide.

How you send these emails is by using software, and the software that I happen to use to send these emails is


I absolutely love GetResponse and in my opinion, is one of the best email autoresponder software available.

Those simple page examples above get people to give me their email addresses.

Once I get their email address, I start to send them a series of emails.

In these emails, I deliver valuable content much like this blog post; I also direct them to all kinds of different things from blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.. but I can also put in Affiliate links or send them to a blog post that has affiliate links.

I can send them to so many different things.

Email is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to build up an audience online.


Because once they subscribe, I could send them stuff immediately, or I could also go months without sending a thing. However, once I hit that send button, guess what? I will instantly have the same audience size as the last time I sent something.

With blogs, social media, or anything else, if I was to go months without posting something, most people would either not get it or have given up on coming back to my site for new content a long time ago.

However, once you capture their email address, you can essentially pull them back to your website on demand. Just about everyone checks their email, and most people get some sort of notification on that little device they keep in their pocket that lets them know that they got an email. Everyone I know turns those notifications off for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc..… but one of the few things that many people keep the notifications turned on for is email.

Alright, now that we got the benefits of email out of the way, let's move on to GetResponse.

First, GetResponse has a few more tricks than just sending automated emails for you.

You have two basic types of Emails, Newsletters, and Autoresponders.

Autoresponders are those automatic emails that will start to send out in a certain order once a person signs up for your email list.

Newsletters are emails that you type up and send out on special occasions; only people who are part of your email list at that moment in time will get it.

So if someone new joins your email list a month later, they will not get the newsletter email you sent last week, but they will get the same autoresponder series, provided you haven’t changed it up yet. 

Why Get Response? 

Get Response Benefits Image

As You can see, GetResponse has several different things it can do, and I am going to go over a few of them but not all as I do not use all of them, but in the future, I plan on using more and more of what GetResponse has to offer.

Landing Pages

So while my examples above were made with different software, if you wanted to save even more money, GetResponse does allow you to build landing pages, and they will host them for you without any extra cost.

These are some nice-looking landing pages as well, and with some creativity can be used to fit just about any offer you have in mind.

See Examples Below….

Landing Pages Examples

Marketing Automation

This is probably one of my favorite functions of GetResponse. I can set different rules and have things automatically happen depending on my subscriber's behavior.

So, For Example, let's say I send out a great piece of information about Instagram, not trying to sell anything, just pure helpful information.

I can set a rule that anyone who clicks on a link in that email or even just opens that email will get a new email the next day about a piece of software or a course on Instagram marketing. I know these people are into Instagram because they specifically opened that email and clicked on that information, so they will be more likely to buy something that helps them with Instagram than someone who doesn’t do those things.

So yes, those people will get an extra email that no one else got but they are also more likely to open it, and I have now sent them content that is more specific to them, and it happened all automatically; all I did was initially set it up.

Marketing Automation GetResponse


While this is not a function that I use its great to know that it is available.

Drag & Drop Design

This is probably my favorite part; everything is built visually. If I want to do something it's super easy to accomplish that. From Writing emails, and setting up the automation triggers to designing the landing forms. Everything can be done visually.

Smartphone App

This is probably one of my favorite features. I can edit, compose and do just about everything straight from my iPhone.

Sure, I shouldn’t be doing this all the time, but the fact that it is even an option is super awesome. Monitoring and doing things on the go is amazing.

My Favorite Part of GetResponse

They don’t take your credit card information during the FREE TRIAL period. That should tell you a lot right then and there. They believe so much in their own product that they don't even try to trick you into paying for the product. I don’t know too many companies who will give you everything for free without any type of payment information, just in case.

It's a 30-day free trial as well.

So I mean, take advantage of that free trial period and start growing your email list today!

>>> Start Today <<<

Obviously, if you are a bit confused about how to get people signed up to your email list then check out my post on Solo Ads Here.

Is that the only way I get people signed up for my email list? Heck no but we can talk about that a bit later. For now…

To Your Success..

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